My Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio! This is a collection of everything I’ve done over the years across all aspects of my professional life – from freelance to fulltime work. I give an overview of my skills, experiences, projects and more.

For a far more in depth document containing all of my previous work, skillset, references and more, check out my LinkedIn profile using the button below.

Owning a game studio

I own a game design studio called 'Red Eon Studios' that has worked on multiple projects throughout the years, with one in the works.

Working for Sky

I was called on and recruited as an Associate Analyst for Sky UK, gaining hugely valuable work experience across multiple departments and industries.

University of Glasgow

I was proudly accepted to join the University of Glasgow to study Computing Science, Business Management and Electrical/Software Engineering, as well as multiple societies inside the university.

PrestonPlayz: 10m+ Subs

I worked through a company as a contractor for the popular YouTuber PrestonPlayz, being part of the team to get him to 10 million subscribers.

dressCode Charity Work

I work as a volunteer for the charity dressCode, ran by a hugely influential Scottish Digi Edu personality Toni Scullion to help younger students into Computing.

Awards gained

I was a finalist for SBRC Scotland's "Student Community Champion" award, and chosen to be in FutureScot's "30 Stand Out Stars in Scotlands DigiEdu Sector", presented at an awards ceremony in 2021.

The Details

For those of you who would like some specific detail, I’ve tried to list as many of my specifics here as possible.

I want to hear from you!

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    Social Media

    Twitter: @LewisBinnie1
    Discord: NerdRed#8663




    Phone : 07947 651543