Why Sundae Swap will easily be the biggest DEX on the Cardano blockchain…but not because it’s the “most advanced”

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SundaeSwap labels themselves “the sweetest decentralised exchange” on the Cardano blockchain. That’s certainly a fitting title.

The topic of ‘what will be the biggest DEX on Cardano’ has been going now for quite some time. There are, as there always are, maxis on either side – desperate for their choice of DEX (often correlating directly to their choice of investment) to be the biggest on the blockchain and sweep the opposition.

Yet another inevitability is those who don’t do their research and just jump on the bandwagon of the first one they seen on Twitter, or the first one their favourite crypto YouTuber mentioned in their latest pump and dump scheme. For every five uneducated newcomers or blind jumpers – there is often one sensible person who decides to do a few Google searches before they pick a project. These people often end up becoming the most successful, if you filter out those who are blessed with – to paraphrase Professor McGonagall – sheer dumb luck.

However, there is another type of investor and researcher – one who uses their experience from areas other than blockchain to make informed decisions that will more likely than not be laughed at by the most experienced traders and developers. There are some who believe that basic principles and ideas in life can be applied to almost anything, and don’t immediately look for the most advanced blockchain technology or the most experienced developers.

This is often labelled as naivety, luck or even stupidity – and this may be right to an extent.

Coming from a Computing Science student who is not very mathematical or theoretical, I can adhere to the fact that purely academic qualities are not always the greatest way to succeed and gain what you want. There are other factors in life that often provide far more results when applied in a different way to, perhaps, using a mathematical analysis to determine what is ‘best’.

SundaeSwap Officially Added to CardanoCube Platform | $ADA's Version of  PancakeSwap? | Tech Times
The branding for SundaeSwap is among the best I’ve ever seen on any project, not just in the blockchain space.

SundaeSwap (https://sundaeswap.finance/) is a decentralised exchange being launched on the Cardano blockchain, most likely in October of 2021. I’m writing this blog on September 26th of 2021, so the platform will probably be launched by the time that the majority of people stumble across this.

I thoroughly believe that, although SundaeSwap is most likely not as technologically advanced as their counterparts (coupled with some inexperienced developers and team members), it will be the most successful. This is due to their ability to master some of the factors I mentioned earlier – namingly the ability to communicate, to convince and to market.

An aspiring Computing Science graduate now, coming through high school I had my heart set on the idea of theoretical physics as my field of choice. I was inspired by the likes of Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and television characters such as Sheldon Cooper. I was ecstatic when I was given a whiteboard in my room to write equations on.

Even when beginning to switch to Computing, I was sure that the very premise of success was entirely dependent on the ability to use logical, mathematical calculations as a way to use intelligence to get all the success in the world. The only problem was, however, that I soon discovered I was nowhere near as intelligent as the people I had looked up to for years. I quickly realised I had to work with the skillset I did have, rather than attempt to become something I wasn’t.

I decided to shift away from the theoretical side of mathematics, physics, engineering and move towards more social sciences such as business management, politics and English – whilst still retaining Computing Science as it was, and still is, my ultimate passion. I had many people all throughout secondary school tell me that I was stupid for picking Computing, often associated with the STEM subjects, if I didn’t have an interest in them.

I decided to ignore these comments, and work on what I enjoyed and what I was good at. I loved communicating, I loved writing and conveying my emotions and opinions, engaging in political discussion and I loved innovating, creating, inspiring. I began to explore various other fields of Computing, and discovered many areas where I could do what I loved in the digital space that I held so tight. Even now, I buzz with excitement at some of the places I would give my right arm to dip into. Management at a cyber security firm. Creating decentralised finance applications and working to make the world a better place.

SundaeSwap Labs – Medium
SundaeSwap balances perfectly between light-hearted, fun branding and serious messaging on their website, always providing crystal clear updates to those waiting in the wings.

SundaeSwap, to me, gives off this same vibe. Other Cardano decentralised exchanges, such as Cardax or OccumFi, have far more experienced team members and revolutionary technological breakthroughs such as advanced tokenomics, ERC-20 bridges and huge mathematical algorithms.

But they lack a cutesy, fun Sundae ice cream mascot and colourful, engaging content on their website. Their team members haven’t been as enthusiastic on public podcasts and platforms. They haven’t given marketing and branding as much of a budget, and instead focused on their development as computer scientists.

SundaeSwap even have an NFT based on one of their loveable characters, “Wally the Waffle Cone”

This is one of many adorable Sundae themed mascots which perpetuate the SundaeSwap website!

This certainly isn’t a bad thing, per say, but it is the key to their lack of success – and the open door for SundaeSwap to step through. The team at SundaeSwap have recognised the sheer power of creating a brand and a community. Charles Hoskinson himself, renowned master of Cardano and incredibly clever mathematician, had the biggest smile on his face when holding the Sundae ice cream mascot with joy.

After all, who wouldn’t? I find myself often returning to the clean, crisp SundaeSwap website just to look at their tokenomics graphic or read through the engaging roadmap.

Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of the Cardano ecosystem, smiling with glee as he holds the SundaeSwap mascot.

PancakeSwap were really the first to do this properly, so they need to be given a clear amount of credit. Uniswap came before, and they were built on pure revolutionary technology – being the first real widespread decentralised exchange.

However, once the initial hype died down and others began to take Uniswap’s revolutionary idea and make it their own – PancakeSwap had to find a way to stand out on the Binance Smart Chain. It done so by creating a fun website, engaging lottery minigames, cute characters and lots of marketing. It succeeded, becoming arguably the second biggest exchange of them all.

SundaeSwap is taking this idea and bringing it to a new, simpler, more decentralised level – and appealing to everyone.

The Future of SundaeSwap. One of the things that has been central… | by  SundaeSwap Labs | Medium
The ISO, or initial stake offering, will be launching for SundaeSwap sometime in the near future.

At the end of the day, as much as people may not want to believe it, pure technological innovation and intelligence simply won’t get you the people points and the success. You need to become a loveable staple of the blockchain community, and make your brand appear in everyone’s letterbox. SundaeSwap’s community has already grown to the thousands, which in turn will translate to media coverage, funding and future innovation.

Whilst OccumFi, Cardax, ErgoDex and more are to be respected and heralded for their work done in the blockchain space – SundaeSwap truly lives up to it’s name as “the sweetest decentralised exchange” on the Cardano blockchain.

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